Friday, March 23, 2012

Guilty Crown (Final Thoughts)

Alright this is just a random post on Guilty Crown...If you haven't heard of it, it's an anime that had some pretty good hype because of the people behind it were the staff of Death Note and Code Geass (from what I read). They were both awesome shows so you can imagine why people would be excited about Guilty Crown.

I've never really written anything like this so it may seem a bit vague so bear with me. But I'm not going into this as a total noob, I've seen tons of anime and read tons of manga quit counting at 100 different series, while I've never looked at them with a critical view based on the ones I've seen the last seasons have made me to do that.

This is purely my opinion you don't have to agree with me but if you read this feel free to write your opinion to I'm very interested in what other people think. I'm also writing this assuming you have some knowledge about Guilty Crown, so if you don't check it out, this will be pretty spoiler free, but I may change that as I write final thoughts on other shows

Now continuing, on. Guilty Crown. In my book wasn't TOO bad but falls short in some places. The biggest place I think is the consistency of the story. At times it felt very slow paced and then felt fast paced with a lot of random stuff throw in last minute. Saying that let me tell you the visuals and the soundtrack were pretty good. The characters also have me kinda of mixed where I was more focused on the side characters like Ayase and Tsugumi  then the main character Shuu.

I feel the first half of the show did pretty well but the show started to drop as we started going into the second half. Introducing concepts and ideas that weren't fully developed or shifted out of the way to try to finish it. The show was able to salvage much of what they did in the episode leading to the finale...but the finale didn't live up to expectation. There are a lot of unanswered questions and the final battle was also pretty simple, considering how much they could of done with it.

I don't know like video games now a days what's up with anime. The stories have been falling kind of flat and have been making not want to watch them sometimes. With the new season coming up I'm hoping things pick up.

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